January 2nd, 2024

Tracking how many days until Tuesday is useful if you have a deadline approaching or an event coming up on the second day of the week.

Whether you consider Tuesday to be lucky, unlucky, or just another normal day, the Tuesday Countdown can help you plan your week better.

When is Tuesday?

Tuesday falls between Monday and Wednesday. It's widely considered a day that falls in the first half of the week.

Despite being the second day of the working week, it's not uncommon for people to refer to Tuesday as the "start of the week", as it's considered early enough to fall in this category.

For example, if someone says the deadline will be at the start of the week and the day is not specified, this can mean Monday or Tuesday.

Is Tuesday the Second Day of the Week?

Tuesday is either considered the second or third day of the week, depending on whether you're referring to the official start of the week or the start of the work week.

In the work week (which starts on a Monday and ends on Friday), Tuesday is known as the second day of the week. Under the official week (which starts on a Sunday and ends on the following Sunday), Tuesday is considered the third day of the week.

Most people around the world refer to Tuesday as the second day of the week since it's more common to refer to the work week than the official week.

Why is Tuesday a Special Day?

Tuesday is often considered a lucky or unlucky day, depending on where you are in the world and what your beliefs are.

In Greek, Tuesday is widely considered to be an unlucky day of the week. This is because the Fall of Constantinople (when the capital of the Byzantine Empire was captured by the Ottoman Empire) happened on a Tuesday. Many Spanish-speaking countries also consider Tuesday to be an unlucky day.

However, in Judaism, Tuesday is a very lucky day. This is because it's mentioned as a good day twice in the first chapter of Genesis.