What Is the Time Duration Calculator?

The Time Duration Calculator is a time elapsed calculator that finds out the length between two times. It tells you the hours, minutes, and seconds that have passed.

To find the difference between two dates, you can check the date difference calculator page.

How to Use the Time Duration Calculator

Pick a start time and an end time. Then, hit the "Calculate" button to see the difference.

What Can the Time Duration Calculator Help With?

It can answer questions like:

  • How long was my work shift?
  • How much time did that movie last?
  • How long was my workout?
  • How long did the meeting run?
  • How long was my nap?

How to Know the Length of a Meeting?

To find out using the Time Duration Calculator:

  1. Set the meeting's start as the beginning time.
  2. Set the meeting's end as the finishing time.
  3. Press Calculate.
  4. It'll show how long the meeting lasted.