How Do I Calculate Military Time?

From 1 AM to 9 AM, add a zero to the hour. Thus, 1 AM can be expressed as 0100 in military time. From 10 AM to 12 PM, remove the colon to convert the 12-hour clock to military time. For times that are 1 PM or later, add 12 hours to get the time in 24-hour format. For instance, 10 PM can be expressed as 2200 in the military time clock.

How Can I Convert Military Time?

Although there are many methods to convert military time, the easiest way is to use the Military Time Converter, a military time calculator available on this page.

What Is the Military Time Converter?

The Military Time Converter is an easy to use military time calculator. With this army time converter, you can convert regular time to military time and vice versa.

How Can I Learn Military Time?

Although you can become familiar with military time through practice, you can also get help from apps you can find on the Internet, the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store. Printing the military time chart would be a great start to learning military time.

Military Time Chart

Regular TimeMilitary TimePronunciation
12:00 AM0000zero-zero-zero-zero
1:00 AM0100zero one hundred
2:00 AM0200zero two hundred
3:00 AM0300zero three hundred
4:00 AM0400zero four hundred
5:00 AM0500zero five hundred
6:00 AM0600zero six hundred
7:00 AM0700zero seven hundred
8:00 AM0800zero eight hundred
9:00 AM0900zero nine hundred
10:00 AM1000ten hundred
11:00 AM1100eleven hundred
12:00 PM1200twelve hundred
1:00 PM1300thirteen hundred
2:00 PM1400fourteen hundred
3:00 PM1500fifteen hundred
4:00 PM1600sixteen hundred
5:00 PM1700seventeen hundred
6:00 PM1800eighteen hundred
7:00 PM1900nineteen hundred
8:00 PM2000twenty hundred
9:00 PM2100twenty one hundred
10:00 PM2200twenty two hundred
11:00 PM2300twenty three hundred