January 7th, 2024

Sunday is the last day of the weekend and is widely known as a day of rest or a day to spend time with loved ones.

Many important events take place on a Sunday, which is why many people like to know how long until Sunday during the week.

Use the Sunday countdown to see how many hours until Sunday at any given moment.

When is Sunday?

Sunday is the day that falls between Saturday and Monday. Taking place at the end of the work week, it's known as the second or final day of the weekend.

Is Sunday the 7th or 1st Day of the Week?

Sunday is considered both the 7th and 1st day of the week. However, most people refer to Sunday as the 7th or last day of the week.

This is because the working week starts on a Monday, so many countries observe Sunday as the end of the week before starting afresh on Monday.

Officially, Sunday is considered the first day of the new week, as the week technically runs from Sunday to Saturday. However, few people refer to Sunday in this way, particularly in the Western world.

What Makes Sunday a Special Day?

In Christianity, Sunday is generally considered the day of worship and rest. Followers of the religion often congregate in Church on a Sunday to celebrate the start of the new week.

Sunday is important to Christians as it's the day that God looked back on his work and rested. Scripture also states that Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday morning, making it even more special.

In Roman culture, Sunday was also considered the day of the Sun God and was therefore well celebrated.

Outside of religion, many people in the Western world consider Sunday to be a day of rest and a chance to reflect on the week passed before starting anew on Monday. It's also a day spent with family or loved ones.