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What Is the Online Egg Timer?

The Online Egg Timer is an online cooking timer that will help you cook your eggs to the desired perfection! This online timer is easy to use. It allows you to choose how you want your egg cooked and requires no storage in your kitchen, so it is even better than a traditional egg timer! It will assist you with your timings when cooking. To ensure it works properly, do not close the computer when using it! This is a great idea for someone who is learning to cook boiled eggs, or even if you are just too busy to keep an eye on the time. This timer will do it for you!

How to Use the Online Egg Timer

If you are wondering how to use an egg timer, it is very straightforward! All you need to do is choose how you want your egg cooked and choose the blue button "Start the Timer", which will start the cooking timer. Then, you will have to wait a certain amount of time for your egg to cook. For example, if you want your egg medium-boiled, you will only be waiting 8 minutes, after which you will hear the online alarm sound as soon as your egg is ready to be removed from the heat and be enjoyed!

Why Should I Use the Online Egg Timer?

You should use this online timer because it is easy to use, you do not have to store it in the kitchen or worry about losing it, and most importantly, it is free to use! You should also use it if you want your eggs cooked to perfection, as this will help you achieve your preferred preference of soft-boiled, medium-boiled, or hard-boiled. You can also choose from 14 alarm sounds! Some of these choices consist of a standard alarm clock sound or nature sounds, a bell, alien sounds, or even a bomb sound! This will make your experience more exciting as you can look forward to hearing your chosen sound when you wake up!