January 1st, 2024

For many people, the Monday Countdown is a way to get motivated for the week ahead. Seeing how many days till Monday can be a reminder to get things done and make the most of your time.

Whether you love or hate Mondays, the Monday Countdown is a useful way to keep track of time and plan your week accordingly.

When is Monday?

Monday is the day that falls between Sunday and Tuesday. It is often referred to as the start of the week, although some people believe Sunday to be the official start of the week. Monday marks the start of the globally recognized work week.

Why is Monday Important?

Monday represents new beginnings for many people. Being the start of the week, it offers a chance to reset how the next seven days pan out.

Being the first day after the weekend, Monday is often seen as the day with the most energy, motivation, and productivity to set new goals and achieve new things.

Mondays are important to people around the world as it's a symbol of a fresh start.

What is the Color for Monday?

The English word for Monday derives from an Anglo-Saxon term "Mōnandæg". This loosely translates to "Moon's Day".

Because Monday is recognized as the day of the moon, white is known as the color of Monday across the globe.

The crescent moon symbol is also meaningful to this day of the week and can be used to represent Monday.