Clocks are an important part of the world today. We all know how they work (they offer the only way of telling the time, after all!), but there is more to these fascinating time-telling devices than first meets the eye.

The first clock ever invented was in 1511 by German inventor, Peter Henlein, with 12 hours on the dial, a clockface, and spring-driven mechanics. But folks have been tracking time for centuries before this using natural elements, like the sun and water.

Invented back in 222 BC, alarm clocks have shaped society in more ways than one. What started as a mechanical device fitted to running water to notify townsfolk about lectures, evolved into advanced smartphones and digital clocks alike. Owning an alarm clock today is considered a novelty, but offers more benefits than you think.

My passion for clocks started with a struggle many of us know all too well, difficulty waking up in the morning! Since then, I've dedicated part of my life to finding the best alarm clocks and understanding everything about them, so I can share my knowledge with you.

Keep reading to discover all your questions about time, alarms, the history of clocks, and how to use your time-telling devices - from wind-up clocks to iPhones.