January 6th, 2024

Saturday is a popular day in the Western world. Most people don't work on a Saturday or a Sunday, so Saturday is a day you can enjoy fully without having to work or wake up early the following day for work.

Because it's seen as one of the best days of the week, knowing how many days until Saturday is important for many people. Having a countdown to Saturday helps you look forward to your weekend plans.

Use the Saturday countdown to see how many hours until Saturday at any given moment.

When is Saturday?

Saturday is the day that falls between Friday and Sunday. It's considered the start of the weekend (also known as the first day of the weekend) and the end of the "official" week (before Sunday).

Because most people refer to the start of the week as Monday instead of Sunday, Saturday is known as the sixth day of the week. However, it's not incorrect to refer to Saturday as the 7th day of the week.

How Did Saturday Get Its Name?

Saturday was named by the Romans after the planet, Saturn, in the second century, between 101 AD and 200 AD. Originally, the name was referred to as "diēs Sāturnī", which translates to Saturn's Day.

While the exact period the day changed from "Saturn's Day" to "Saturday" is unknown, it's rumored to have been done by the Babylonians between 1894 BC-1595 BC when they created the seven-day week.

How Many Saturdays Are There?

In a normal year, you can expect to have 52 Saturdays, one falling on each week of the year. Some years have more Saturdays than others, like in 2022 when there were 53 Saturdays.