July 4th, 2024

Why Do We Celebrate 4th of July?

The 4th of July is a significant day in the US. It's one of the most important days in American history when the US officially become its own nation.

The day is marked by the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This was adopted on July 4th, 1776. As of 2023, this makes America 247 years old.

For many Americans and others around the world, the 4th of July is seen as the day "America was born".

Many people look forward to the events and take part in the countdown to the 4th of July by planning outfits and decorating the outside of their homes.

How Do We Celebrate 4th of July?

American citizens celebrate the 4th of July with parades, festivals, and parties. Many people also paint their lawns, throw a picnic with friends and family, wear American clothing, hang flags outside their homes, and light sparklers.

It's also common in the US to attend a fireworks show or host one yourself in the countdown to 4th of July.

During the day, it's common to eat BBQ food, including burgers, pigs in blankets, cheese rolls, corn dogs, chicken wings, deviled eggs, and dips. After dinner, many people eat apple pie together, usually freshly baked.

What Countries Celebrate 4th of July?

The 4th of July is primarily an American celebration, recognized in the US as a public holiday and celebrated by American citizens around the world.

It's also common for the Irish to celebrate American Independence Day with a five-day feast (known as the Irish-American fest).

In Norway, many people also celebrate American independence with food, competitions, and musical performances that commemorate America.

Other countries around the world also have the 4th of July as the day of their independence.

For example, Denmark has their Independence Day (known as Rebildfesten) on July 4th. To mark the occasion, people come together for speeches, and picnics, and to sing patriotic songs.

The Philippines also hold their own celebration of independence on July 4th. Their independence from America was gained in 1946, making it 77 years as of 2023. The day is also called Philippines-American Friendship Day or Independence Day.

To celebrate, Filipinos will usually watch fireworks shows with friends and family. They will also express their love for their country by preparing various dishes, including Adobo, Sinigang, Lechon, Palabok, Kare-Kare, and Sisig.

How Many Days Until 4th of July?

There are days until the 4th of July.