February 17th, 2025

What Is Presidents' Day?

Presidents' Day is an official holiday in the United States designed to celebrate current and former US presidents and Washington.

It's mostly celebrated in recognition of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Many citizens, therefore, refer to the state holiday as "Lincoln's Birthday" or "Washington's Birthday".

However, it's also a day to celebrate all former US presidents and the current president in office.

When Is Presidents' Day?

The national holiday of Presidents' Day is held on the third Monday of February every year.

  • Presidents' Day 2025: February 17, 2025
  • Presidents' Day 2026: February 16, 2026
  • Presidents' Day 2027: February 15, 2027
  • Presidents' Day 2028: February 21, 2028

Use the Presidents' Day countdown to learn how many days until Presidents' Day this year.

Is Presidents' Day a 4 Day?

Because Presidents' Day is a federal holiday in the US, most citizens gain a day off work, school, etc. to celebrate the event. This gives US citizens a three-day weekend to celebrate Presidents' Day.

Presidents' Day is not a four-day holiday, as only Monday is a state holiday, giving US citizens Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (three days) to enjoy the holiday.

This is unlike Thanksgiving, which is a four-day holiday for schools, colleges, and some other businesses. Thanksgiving is held on the fourth Thursday of November, with many organizations making Friday a non-working day to celebrate the holiday.

How Long is Presidents' Day Holiday?

Presidents' Day is always on the third Monday of February every year, and it is a single-day holiday.

However, many US citizens celebrate the holiday over the entire weekend before Presidents' Day, making the holiday a three-day celebration of Washington.

Is Presidents' Day Worldwide?

No, Presidents' Day is a federal holiday in the United States only to celebrate the US office and the history of former presidents.

However, some other countries worldwide celebrate their own version of Presidents' Day.

For example, Botswana celebrates Presidents' Day on the third Monday in July annually. Equatorial Guinea also honors former and current presidents on a national Presidents' Day on June 5 every year.

Is Presidents' Day a Holiday in All States?

Every US state recognizes Presidents' Day on the third Monday of every February. However, not all states celebrate the holiday or provide a day off to schools, colleges, or other business workers.

For example, in the state of Florida, Presidents' Day (known as Washington's Day) is recognized, but schools and colleges don't have a day off. However, some US citizens living in Florida may still partake in presidential celebrations.

Other US states that don't recognize Presidents' Day with a day-off holiday include Delaware, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin.

Is Presidents' Day a Holiday in Texas?

Presidents' Day is widely celebrated across the state of Texas. Most schools, colleges, government offices, and postal services are closed during the holiday in Texas.

How is Presidents' Day Celebrated?

Being a federal holiday across the states, many US citizens celebrate Presidents' Day with a day off work and patriotic celebrations.

Some things to do to celebrate the countdown to Presidents' Day include:

  • Cooking President-inspired meals
  • Singing presidential songs
  • Hanging state flags
  • Partaking in presidential trivia
  • Partaking in the Presidents' Day countdown
  • Reading presidential storybooks
  • Memorizing the oath taken by presidents
  • Writing a list of things you'd do if you were president