April 20th, 2025

What Is Easter and Why Is It Celebrated?

The Easter holiday is primarily associated with Christianity, Catholicism, and Judaism. In Judaism, Easter is known as "Passover".

The season includes Good Friday, the day that Jesus Christ was crucified, and Easter Sunday, the day that Jesus is written to have risen from the dead.

The season is widely celebrated because it marks the resurrection of Jesus and the joyful end to Lent, the fasting season. Because of this, 116 nations recognize Easter as a public holiday. This includes the UK, Egypt, Italy, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia, and more.

Many atheists and followers of other religions also observe the holiday by gifting edible Easter eggs to friends and family. Many people also take part in Easter egg hunts, card giving, and eating a roast dinner on Easter Sunday.

Because it's a joyous occasion around the globe, often regardless of religion, many people countdown to Easter. This is because they get to enjoy time off work, a roast dinner with family, and chocolate Easter eggs.

Why Do We Celebrate Easter With Eggs?

Being associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Easter is symbolic of new life, new beginnings, and rebirth. This is believed to be the reason why eggs became associated with Easter. They too represent new life, as chicks emerge from the shell.

Additionally, painted eggs are said to be symbolic of Easter because it represents the blood shed by Jesus Christ on the cross.

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How Do Other Countries Celebrate Easter?

In the US, Easter is primarily celebrated by gifting edible Easter eggs. It's also common for people to decorate their homes with flowers, partake in Easter egg hunts, and enjoy an Easter dinner (usually with lamb, potatoes, and vegetables).

Similar traditions are held in the UK, often with a roast dinner on Easter Sunday.

For Christians around the world, Easter is typically celebrated with a special church service on Easter Sunday. It's also customary to paint eggs, decorate with spring flowers, light candles, and enjoy a dinner with family.

Additionally, many people abstain from eating meat during the countdown to Easter and on Good Friday (which falls just before Easter Sunday).

In Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, and many other places in Europe, people decorate trees with small, inedible easter eggs. These eggs are usually painted, embellished, or covered in glitter.

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How Many Days Until Easter?

There are days until Easter.