December 2nd, 2024

What Time Does Cyber Monday Start?

Cyber Monday starts on the Monday after Black Friday. Therefore, itbegins at midnight the Sunday after Black Friday.

Depending on the department store, some Cyber Monday sales will begin at midnight or one minute past midnight.

How Long Does Cyber Monday Last?

Traditionally, Cyber Monday starts at midnight and runs for the entire day, ending at midnight the next day.

However, because of its popularity, many online department stores run Cyber Monday sales for longer.

For example, some stores run discounts until Friday or midnight on Sunday (before the following Monday), so they can capitalize on the event and make more sales.

What Does Cyber Monday Mean?

Cyber Monday refers to the online shopping event that takes place on the first Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Officially, it lasts for 24 hours and offers discounts on online products.

While it used to be different from Black Friday, most online retailers offer the same sales on Black Friday as Cyber Monday.

Is Cyber Monday the Same as Black Friday?

Cyber Monday is not the same as Black Friday. Traditionally, Cyber Monday refers to online stores offering discounts on products bought on their websites.

Whereas Black Friday originally referred to the in-person store discounts offered during the 24 hours of the day, or the entire weekend, until the Monday that followed (known as Cyber Monday).

However, because many department stores now have online stores and websites, Black Friday sales extend to both online sales and in-person sales.

This means that Cyber Monday is now similar in terms of its offerings to Black Friday. Many retailers simply extend the same discounts offered on Black Friday to Cyber Monday and beyond.

Is Cyber Monday a Holiday in the USA?

No, Cyber Monday is not a holiday in the USA. It does, however, follow the public holiday of Thanksgiving, which takes place several days before Cyber Monday.

Despite Cyber Monday not being a US holiday, it is one of the biggest shopping events of the year.

Thousands of online retailers offer large discounts on Cyber Monday that are only available online, not in stores.

While the idea of the day originated in the US, many other countries across the globe now recognize and celebrate Cyber Monday.

To celebrate the event, online retailers offer discounts between 5% and 50%, sometimes more. Many people use Cyber Monday to do their Christmas shopping and buy holiday gifts for friends and family.