5 Best Under the Pillow Alarm Clocks in 2022

Updated: April 26, 2022

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Are you a heavy sleeper or hard of hearing!? Don't worry; many people around the world experience similar issues. The good news? The solution to your problem may lie in purchasing an under-the-pillow alarm clock.

You see, most people think getting a louder alarm will solve their problems. While this may be true in some cases, you're going to have more success changing the type of alarm clock.

Under the pillow alarms produce vibrations when it's time to get up. Unless you can sleep through what feels like an earthquake, you'll have no trouble getting up on time with one of these bad boys.

In this article, I'm going to review the five best under-the-pillow alarm clocks. But before we get into it, my top pick is the SHARP Pillow Personal Alarm Clock. The small and compact design makes it perfect for travelers. Plus, you'll have the option to snooze in from time to time.

Why I'm Qualified

As somebody who found it difficult to wake up in the morning, under the pillow alarm clocks have been super helpful in my journey as a heavy sleeper. I've used my knowledge of under-the-pillow alarm clocks and compiled it into this article, which I hope you'll love!

Best Under the Pillow Alarm Clocks

Best Feature: Great for Travelling

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Best Feature: Great for Heavy Sleepers

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Best Feature: Radio & Bluetooth Speaker

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Best Feature: Adjustable Vibration Intensity

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Best Feature: Eye-Catching Design

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SHARP Pillow Personal Alarm Clock

Best Feature: Great for Travelling

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The SHARP Pillow Alarm Clock is both small and mighty. It's compact in design and powerful enough to wake up most people.

You can either use the beeping alarm, the vibration, or both if you need the extra jolt to wake you up.

You can't adjust the intensity of the vibrations like you can with the iLuv Alarm Clock, but the standard settings are powerful enough to wake most people.

It has two time displays: one shows the time and the other tells you what time your alarm is set for, making it easy to know whether your alarm is set.

Even though it's best not to snooze, this under-the-pillow alarm clock has a large snooze button that covers the entire top half.

If you need to snooze, you won't even need to open your eyes to find the button.

To set an alarm, you need to use the buttons on the back. There are only four buttons, which are easy to use. Two large ones set the time and the other two are sliding buttons that set the vibration/buzzer.

But what are the negatives?

One of the downsides is that it isn't thin.

Unless you have a wide or thick pillow, you may be able to feel the alarm clock under your pillow if you rest your head right on top of it. This is unlike the VibroSaver Bed Shaker, which is very slim.

You can also only set 1 alarm, which is annoying if you need to set multiple alarms throughout the week at different times.

If you need to set multiple alarms, you'd be better off with the VibroSaver Bed Shaker.


  • Has a compact design
  • Has a dim backlight, which helps you see the time at night, without blinding you
  • Comes with a vibrating alarm and a buzzer
  • Snooze button is large and hard to miss


  • Battery-operated, not rechargeable, so you'll need to regularly change the batteries
  • Can be bulky under the pillow compared with some other alarm clocks

VibroSaver Bed Shaker

Best Feature: Great for Heavy Sleepers

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The VibroSaver Bed Shaker is one of the most powerful under-the-pillow alarm clocks on this list. If you don't wake up from normal alarms, this is just the thing you need!

It features a super-strong vibrating motor and is targeted at heavy sleepers, deaf people, seniors, and people who are hard of hearing.

When they say the vibration is super-strong, they mean it!

Since it's also a smart alarm, you can connect it to your Wi-Fi and download the app on your smartphone or tablet to control the alarm.

If you have an Alexa or Google Assistant, you can even set your alarm via voice control.

But don't worry, you can still use the actual bed shaker to snooze or turn off the alarm without needing to use your phone.

You can use the app to set multiple alarms on different days for different times, making this alarm perfect if you need to wake up at varying times during the week.

Unlike many other under the pillow alarm clocks on this list, the VibroSaver Bed Shaker runs on AC power, so you never have to worry about the battery running out.

The only downside is that it isn't wireless. You'll need to keep it plugged into an AC outlet at all times, otherwise, it won't work.


  • It has an extremely powerful vibration designed to wake up heavy sleepers and deaf people
  • It's slim and compact, so you shouldn't feel it under your pillow at night
  • You can set multiple alarms on different days of the week
  • It'll never run out of battery and, even if your phone dies, it'll still remember your settings
  • It's easy to use


  • It needs to be plugged in at all times
  • You'll need a Wi-Fi network and a smartphone or tablet to set the alarm

iLuv Time Shaker

Best Feature: Radio & Bluetooth Speaker

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If you're looking for something a little more comprehensive, the iLuv Time Shaker Alarm Clock is perfect. It comes in two separate parts; a charging dock and a wired bed shaker.

The charging dock can charge your phone and be used as a radio or Bluetooth speaker.

For the bed shaker to function, it needs to be connected to the charging dock on your bedside cabinet. But damn, it packs a punch!

At first, the powerful bed shaker may take some getting used to, especially if you're used to normal alarm clocks.

When it comes time to disable the bed shaker, there is a large button on top of the charging dock. This button glows in the dark, making it easier to locate in the morning.

While you can adjust the display screen brightness, I find it a little too bright, even on the lowest setting.


  • Comes with a charging dock for your phone
  • Super-powerful bed shaker
  • Large glow in the dark button to disable the alarm
  • The unit can be used as a radio or Bluetooth speaker
  • Adjustable display screen brightness


  • The display is too bright for some people
  • Bed shaker needs to be connected to charging dock to function

USCCE Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Best Feature: Adjustable Vibration Intensity

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Similar to the iLuv Alarm Clock, this one also comes with multiple pieces of equipment. Included in your purchase are a standard alarm clock and bed shaker. To operate the bed shaker, it needs to be connected to the clock using a wire.

The clock has a USB port on the back, letting you charge your phone during the night. However, it doesn't double up as a radio and Bluetooth speaker. While some may consider this a downside, I actually prefer alarms that are on the simpler side.

When it comes to the alarm, you can choose between a buzzer or vibration. You can also combine both of these if you're a heavy sleeper.

You'll also be able to adjust the intensity of the vibration, which is a nice feature to have.

When it comes to downsides, the numbers on the clock are red. In future models, I'd like to see red numbers as they're easier to read. Not only that but reds easier on your eyes in the dark.


  • Bed shaker and alarm clock
  • USB port lets you charge your phone
  • Simple design makes it easy to use
  • Combine buzzer and vibration for optimal effect
  • Adjust the intensity of the vibration


  • The clock numbers would be better if they were red
  • The bed shaker isn't wireless

Roxicosly Extra Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Best Feature: Eye-Catching Design

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If you're somebody who likes modern-looking gadgets, the Roxicosly Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker may be the one for you. The alarm clock has a sleek design that really pops, making it perfect for the younger generation.

It also displays the time in large and easy-to-read numbers, catering towards people with glasses.

Are you struggling to sleep because of alarm clocks with bright display screens? You'll be able to adjust the brightness to help you sleep in peace. Because who wants a bright light shining in their eyes while trying to sleep, right!?

But how does the bed shaker function? That's what you really want to know, right!? It works like a charm! You can combine it with an audio alarm that's adjustable in volume. Heavy sleeping? Yeah, a thing of the past!

In future models, I'd like to see a longer power cord from the alarm clock to the outlet. It's short and may pose a problem for people who don't have an outlet next to their bed.


  • Sleek and modern-looking design
  • Large and easy-to-read display screen
  • Adjustable display screen brightness
  • Combine audio and vibrations
  • Setting the alarm is easy


  • The main cord isn't long enough
  • Only one alarm sound to choose from

Under the Pillow Alarm Buyer's Guide

Heavy sleepers often have a hard time finding an alarm clock that wakes them up in the morning.

Under-the-pillow alarms are designed for heavy sleepers, but different brands have different features. Some features aren't entirely necessary, but some of these extras are very handy to have.

If you're not sure what type of alarm you need to wake you up in the morning, here's our advice on how to pick the best under-the-pillow alarm for you.

Vibration intensity

Because under the pillow alarm clocks are designed for heavy sleepers, you need one that has a strong vibration intensity. Otherwise, it's not going to get you out of bed in the morning.

Your best bet would be getting an alarm clock with adjustable intensity, such as the USCCE Alarm Clock.

Audio alarm

Although under the pillow alarm clocks are primarily designed to vibrate, some also come with an audio alarm. The best clocks available let you combine both audio and vibrational alarms, giving you the best of both worlds.


I know you're probably purchasing an alarm clock to prevent oversleeping, so the last thing you want to hear about is a snooze button. However, it's a nice feature to have, especially when you want to treat yourself on the weekend.

Additional Units & Features

You'll notice some vibrating alarm clocks have an additional unit that sits on your bedside cabinet. This is primarily to connect the bed shaker but can also be used to charge your phone and even functions as a radio.

Final Verdict

If you're fed up with being a heavy sleeper, now's the time to invest in an under the pillow alarm clock. They can also be great gifts for older people that are hard of hearing.

Still, stuck for choice!? I recommend the SHARP Pillow Personal Alarm Clock. It's sturdy, durable, and compact.

Author: Burak Özdemir

My name is Burak, and I used to have difficulties waking up in the morning due to unreliable alarm clocks. Over the past few years, I've dedicated part of my life to finding the best alarm clocks and sharing my knowledge with people through this blog.