Best Alarm Clocks with Nature Sounds of 2021

Updated: March 17, 2022

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Some people prefer to fall asleep (or wake up) to the sound of soft music such as nature sounds. Not only does it make your morning more relaxing, but it also prevents the sudden jolt you get from standard alarm clocks.

My name is Burak, and I'm an alarm clock specialist. I have designed my own alarm clock and have an eye for what works and what doesn't.

When reviewing the best alarm clocks with nature sounds, I found the REACHER R3 Dual Alarm Clock to be an excellent choice. Not only does it come with a variety of different nature noises, but it also mimics the natural sunlight to wake you up.

In this article, I'm going to review some other alarm clocks with nature sounds. Everything I write is geared towards helping you make an informed purchase, so If I find something I don't like, I'll be sure to mention it.

Let's get into it.

5 Best Nature Alarm Clocks

Best Feature: Set Different Alarms for Weekdays and Weekends

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Best Feature: Built-in Nightlight With Interchangeable Colors

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Best Feature: Ability To Project Time Onto Wall Or Ceiling

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Best Feature: Teaches Kids When to Wake Up and When to Stay in Bed

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Best Feature: Built-in Bluetooth Music Player

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REACHER R3 Dual Alarm Clock

Best Feature: Set Different Alarms for Weekdays and Weekends

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An alarm with nature sounds can help you wake up less abruptly, which can leave you in a better mood in the mornings.

With the Reacher, you can choose between six peaceful ringtones, including a flute, piano, birds, or different beeping sounds.

What's even better is that you can also listen to 12 soothing sounds (including white noise) before you fall asleep. If you or your baby have trouble drifting off, or you often wake up from outdoor traffic, it can help block out the noise and minimize disturbances.

You can even choose how long you want to listen to the sounds for before they turn off automatically.

It's just a shame that you can't use one of the falling-asleep sounds as your alarm clock ringtone, as some of them would be great to wake up to.

One of the best features is that you can set more than one alarm per day. The settings stay the same, so you only have to set your alarms once, and they'll continue to go off at the same time every day.

Unlike some other alarm clocks, this one also has "weekday" and "weekend" alarm clock settings.

This is great because you don't have to remember to change your alarm or turn it off on the weekends.


  • Compact in size
  • Display screen can be turned down to 0%, so it's virtually impossible to see in a dark room
  • You can set more than one alarm and different alarms for weekdays and weekends
  • Helps you wake up and fall asleep peacefully
  • Has an integrated USB phone charger, which can free up a power outlet in the bedroom
  • Has a battery backup, so your alarm will still go off even if you lose power during the night


  • You can't use the sleep sounds as the alarm ringtone
  • If you want to wake up at a different time every day, you'll need to change the settings every night

YTE White Noise Machine with Alarm Clock,

Best Feature: Built-in Nightlight With Interchangeable Colors

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With 20 different soothing sounds, this is one of the best natural alarm clocks for kids and adults. You have lullabies, nature sounds, white noise, and fan noises to choose from.

It's perfect for blocking out traffic in a kid's bedroom or a snoring partner in yours!

Just like the Reacher Dual Alarm Clock, you can set more than one alarm (with a choice of eight ringtones) and it'll remember your settings every day. The difference is that you can't set a weekday and weekend alarm with this one like you can with the Reacher.

As well as the soothing sounds, another great feature for kids is the nightlight. You can fully adjust the brightness and the color to help them sleep.

It's also a touch screen, which makes it really easy to set your alarm.

But it also makes it easy to turn off your alarm accidentally!

If you buy this for a kid's bedroom, it's best to keep it somewhere they can't reach it, as it's easy to change the settings if they play with it.

The coolest feature is the motion sensor. You just hover your hand over the top of it to turn the alarm on snooze.

But while this is a cool feature, it's easy to activate accidentally, so you could put your alarm on snooze without meaning to!

Just like most of the other alarm clocks with nature sounds on this list, you can pre-set how long you want the relaxing music to play for during the night -- so it's either continuous or turns itself off after a while.


  • You can choose between 30 volume levels, so it works for light or heavy sleepers
  • It's a great alarm clock for kids or adults, especially since you have a built-in nightlight that changes color
  • It feels modern and high-tech, with motion sensors and touch screen settings


  • The touch screen and motion sensors are cool, but they can make it easy to accidentally change your alarm or its volume
  • If you want to set different alarms for every day of the week, or on weekends, you'll need to remember to change the settings each night

Sharp Projection Alarm Clock

Best Feature: Ability To Project Time Onto Wall Or Ceiling

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The Sharp Alarm Clock is a great projection alarm clock that boasts a special feature. As well as having a LED screen, the time can also be projected onto your wall or ceiling.

So you won't have to look at a bright display screen in the middle of the night!

When it comes to nature sounds, you'll have a few variations to choose from. I recommend sticking with the thunderstorm sound for relaxation. The nature sounds are designed to fall asleep rather than to be awoken by.

While this clock does have some great features, I discovered the negatives outweigh the positives.

Some customers loved this alarm clock, whereas others had a lot of bad things to say about it. One customer even said that it starts flashing by itself in the middle of the night, which is the last thing you need when trying to get some shut-eye.

Also, the nature sounds aren't as good as some of the other alarm clocks on the market.

For this reason, I wouldn't consider spending your money on this alarm clock.


  • Can project the time onto your ceiling or walls, so you don't have to look at a bright alarm clock during the night
  • There are multiple nature sounds to fall asleep to; however, the thunderstorm is the most relaxing


  • The nature sounds aren't as vivid as some of the other alarm clocks on the market, making it difficult to fall asleep
  • One customer said that it started flashing during the night, which woke him up

Time to Wake Alarm Clock

Best Feature: Teaches Kids When to Wake Up and When to Stay in Bed

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If your kid struggles to fall asleep and often wakes up in the night thinking it's morning, this alarm clock is ideal.

It comes with 17 soothing sounds that can block out any background noise and help them fall asleep easier. They can choose between sounds of the ocean, a thunderstorm, rain, a farmyard, train noises, and many more.

Unlike the Reacher Dual Alarm Clock, the sounds can either be used to help them fall asleep or as their alarm ringtone.

What's even better about this clock is that it can help teach your child to stay in bed if they wake up during the night.

Many kids wake up at night and think its morning. This is especially the case when they can't tell the time properly yet.

But this clock lets you set daytime and night-time hours. So, when its daytime, a sun symbol appears on the screen. When its night-time, a moon symbol shows. If they wake up during the night, they can look at the symbol and know whether it's okay to wake their parents or not.

This can help both you and your child get enough sleep every night.

You can also set the alarm so a light comes on when they need to get up, which can help your child wake up more gently. However, the light isn't as good for waking you up naturally as other sunrise alarm clocks.


  • Can help prevent your kids from waking up and wandering the house during the night
  • Can help teach your kids how to tell the time
  • Has a built-in nightlight that can stay on all night or turn itself off after a pre-set amount of time
  • Allows your child to fall asleep or wake up to soothing nature sounds


  • Because of its design, it's best for kids rather than adults
  • There isn't any white noise available, only nature sounds
  • The settings remain in place every day, so you'll have to remember to change or turn off the alarm at the weekends if you want your child to sleep in

Uplayteck Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

Best Feature: Built-in Bluetooth Music Player

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Another great alarm clock with nature sounds is the Wake Up Light Alarm Clock.

As well as using the alarm, you can use this clock as a lamp, nightlight, or speaker.

You can also choose how it wakes you up, as there are three different settings available. You can either wake up to a simulated sunrise, nature sounds, a vibration, or all three at once!

However, the vibration is similar to a phone and won't help heavy sleepers like a vibrating alarm will.

There are only three soothing ringtones you can choose for your alarm, including bird sounds and a waterfall. For more variation, you're better off with something like the YTE Alarm Clock which has 20 sounds to choose from.

When you use it as a lamp or nightlight, you can choose between five colors, which is great if you're using it in a kid's bedroom. However, if you're using it as a sunrise alarm clock, I'd recommend sticking to the warm yellow color.

Another great feature is that you can also pair your phone to the clock, so you can play your music when you're getting ready or listen to an audiobook before bed.

Some reviews say there isn't a snooze button, but there is and it's easy to find/use!

The only downside is that you have to charge the clock via a USB port, as you can't keep it plugged into a power outlet. This means you'll have to remember to charge it when the battery gets low. Otherwise, your alarm won't go off.


  • It's a Bluetooth speaker, nightlight, lamp, and an alarm clock all in one
  • You can choose how intensely it wakes you up, via light, nature sounds, a vibration, or all three at once


  • You have to routinely charge the clock, as it doesn't use a power outlet or batteries to run
  • There are only three different natural alarm ringtones to choose from, which isn't very many

What To Consider When Buying A Clock With Nature Sounds

To get an alarm clock with soothing sounds, here are some features you need to consider:

Volume Adjustment

After reviewing what customers had to say about nature-sounding alarm clocks, I discovered a common complaint was that the volume wasn't adjustable.

Most of these clocks allow you to fall asleep to the sound of white noise, so it's important to be able to change the volume, especially if you're a light sleeper.

If you're a heavy sleeper, then this doesn't apply as much.

Continuous Noise

What's better than waking up to the sound of nature!?

Not much, in my opinion!

However, some alarm clocks go the extra mile and allow you to keep the nature sounds playing for longer after you've woken up.

While this feature isn't essential, it's still great to look out for.

Multiple Different Sounds

Try to find an alarm clock that has multiple nature sounds to choose from. The last thing you want is to make a purchase and discover you can only wake up (or fall asleep) to the sounds of ocean waves.

Choosing an alarm clock with multiple sounds means that even if you don't like a certain noise, you can change it to something else.

Final Verdict

Some nature-sounding alarm clocks don't work as described, so it's important to choose one that functions as it should.

Hence why I created this article.

I hope this article has helped you choose the best alarm clocks with nature sounds.

If you've had a look through the options in this article and are still stuck for choice, I'd recommend getting the REACHER R3 Dual Alarm Clock.

Author: Burak Özdemir

My name is Burak, and I used to have difficulties waking up in the morning due to unreliable alarm clocks. Over the past few years, I've dedicated part of my life to finding the best alarm clocks and sharing my knowledge with people through this blog.