5 Best Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers with Roommates in 2022

Updated: March 16, 2022

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Being a heavy sleeper is one thing, but having a roommate that complains about your alarm is a whole other issue. After searching through multiple forums, I found this is a rather common problem college students face.

Different schedules require different alarm times; unfortunately, your roommate doesn't take kindly to your alarm at 7 AM every morning.

If your morning alarm has caused tension between yourself and your roommate, I recommend squashing the beef as soon as possible.

Because not only have I found a solution, but I've also put together a list of the best 5 alarm clocks for heavy sleepers with roommates.

Using the alarms outlined below, you'll be able to wake up in the morning without disturbing your roommate, no matter how much of a heavy sleeper you are.

However, I'm sure some of you are super busy, so here's my top pick.

My top pick is the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock. It's got the most powerful bed shaker on this list and is easy to set up, even for people who don't have experience with bed shakers.

Anyhow, before we dive in, I want to explain what makes me qualified to write this article.

Why I'm Qualified

My name is Burak, and I'm an alarm clock specialist. Not only am I always testing new clocks, but I also created an alarm clock online that has helped countless people wake up in the morning.

Best Alarm Clocks For Heavy Sleepers With Roommates

Best Feature: Most Powerful Bed Shaker

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Best Feature: Pairs With Your Phone

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Best Feature: Multiple Intensity Levels

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Best Feature: Built-in Superfast Phone Charger

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Best Feature: Shocks You Awake

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Sonic Bomb Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Best Feature: Most Powerful Bed Shaker

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The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock is known as one of the loudest alarm clocks on the market. While this may sound like the opposite of what you're looking for, bear with me.

Although you can activate the super loud alarm clock, which will scare the life out of your roommate, you can also use the bed shaker by itself.

Simply plug it into the wall and place it under your mattress topper. When the alarm goes off in the morning, your bed will begin shaking violently, helping wake you up on time.

And probably give you a damn heart attack!

However, I did discover one flaw with the bed shaker.

There's a small chance that it vibrates its way out of your mattress and onto the floor, causing you to sleep through the alarm.

To prevent this from happening, place it in a central location on your bed, rather than near the edges.

What's more, it would be better if the shaker was cordless.

Because who wants to sleep in a bed full of electrical wires!?


  • The bed shaker can be used by itself
  • If you want to use the alarm, it's super loud
  • Doesn't require wifi and is easy to use
  • Comes with a detailed instruction manual


  • In rare cases, the vibrator falls out of the bed
  • It would be better if it was cordless

iLuv SmartShaker 3

Best Feature: Pairs With Your Phone

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When comparing the ILuv SmartShaker to the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock, it seems to be the more modern option. To set an alarm, you need to download the Smart Shaker app and connect your phone to the bed shaker via Bluetooth.

Once set up, it's one hell of a device.

Armed with this bed shaker, your roommate will go from complaining about your loud alarms to the sound of the bed shaking in the morning - that's how well it works.

What's more, previous customers were talking about how the SmartShaker 3 compares to the previous models. Everyone agrees the vibration is a lot more intense on the Smart Shaker 3 than in previous models.

So how about the downsides!?

The biggest drawback I found is there is a large snooze button located on the bed shaker. This makes it easy to oversleep with the click of a button.

Also, some customers had difficulty connecting to the bed shaker via Bluetooth; therefore, I recommend testing your Bluetooth connection before purchasing this product.


  • It's more powerful than previous models
  • Easy to set alarms using the app
  • Doesn't interfere with your roommate
  • Connects to your phone via Bluetooth


  • A large snooze button located on the product could lead to oversleeping
  • Some customers couldn't connect their phone to the device using Bluetooth

USCCE Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Best Feature: Multiple Intensity Levels

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When this alarm clock and bed shaker combo arrives, they come with an in-depth instruction manual for easy setup. Once you've learned how to set an alarm, it's time to put this bad boy to work!

The bed shaker has three different intensity levels, each one providing a more dramatic vibration. For maximum effect, I recommend putting the shaker under your pillow before bed.

Keep in mind that it requires a power outlet to function; however, it shouldn't pose too big a problem if placed under your pillow.

The only issue being if there is a power outage, the bed shaker won't function.

When it comes time to wake up, you can press any of the buttons located on the side to disable the shaker.

What's more, it also comes with a standard alarm clock that won't wake your roommate, letting you check the time during the night. The clocks' screen brightness can also be displayed between seven levels, which is perfect for people who enjoy sleeping in the dark.

In terms of downsides, I discovered the numbers on the clock are white. For some people, this can be hard to see, especially during the night when it's dark.

In future models, it would be great to switch out the white display screen for a red one.


  • Comes with an in-depth instruction manual
  • Bed shaker has 3 intensity levels
  • Easy to access buttons to disable to bed shaker
  • Includes an alarm clock to see the time


  • The bed shaker doesn't have backup batteries in case of a power outage
  • Alarm clock display can be difficult to see in the dark

AcuRite 01129M Alarm Clock

Best Feature: Built-in Superfast Phone Charger

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This isn't the most powerful alarm clock (and it won't wake up heavy sleepers in the same way the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock will). But it has some great features if you're a heavy sleeper who doesn't like to wake up in shock!

When the alarm goes off, the volume gradually increases until you hit snooze. This can prevent you from sleeping through your alarm while still providing a gentler way of waking up.

On the plus side, there are six dimming settings, so you should be able to find the right brightness to suit your room (and your roommate!). You can also turn on the auto-adjust feature so the screen dims automatically after 9 PM and lightens at 7 AM.

I recommend turning this on if you're a heavy sleeper, as the change in brightness can also help wake you up!

The coolest feature is that it shows you the weather forecast for the next 12-24 hours. Seeing the humidity levels without needing to reach for your phone comes in handy when you're deciding what to wear.

Your roommate may even like that they can see the temperature before they get ready in the morning!

It comes with an outdoor sensor that you have to place outside your window or somewhere waterproof in your backyard. It isn't always accurate, and some people say the sensor doesn't last long before it needs replacing, but the range seems pretty good.

There's also a fast charger built-in, so you won't have to decide between plugging in your clock or phone at night. Plus, you and your roommate can share it!


  • Charges your phone quickly via a built-in rapid charger
  • Easy to set the alarm and use the snooze button
  • Tells you the weather and humidity levels in your room and outdoors
  • Alarm gets louder the longer you leave it, which is great for heavy sleepers


  • Would be better if you could personalize the times the screen brightness auto-adjusts
  • The lowest brightness setting can still feel quite bright in a very dark room
  • There's a lot on the screen, so the actual time display is quite small

Shock Clock 2 Silent Alarm for Heavy Sleepers

Best Feature: Shocks You Awake

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If you like being jolted awake by an electric current traveling through your body first thing in the morning, then look no further than the Shock Clock.

Sounds fun, doesn't it!?

This little device isn't going to give you a full-on heart attack, but rather a small jolt of energy that you cant sleep through.

You can think of it as your new morning coffee!

When setting up the Shock Clock, there are multiple levels of intensity to choose from.

When it arrives, I recommend testing all three levels before setting an alarm. This way, you'll have a better understanding of which intensity works for you.

But how do you set an alarm!?

You set an alarm using the Pavlok app for iOS or Android.

The app can also be used to track your sleep cycles; however, some customers were complaining about it being a little slow and clunky.

What's more, it's powered by a lithium-ion battery. This means that during a power outage, the Shock Clock will continue functioning.

In future models, I'd like to see more color options. The black just doesn't do it for me.

I prefer something more colorful!


  • Shocks you awake in the morning
  • Multiple levels of 'shock' to choose from
  • Set an alarm using the app
  • It Will continue working throughout a power outage


  • The app can be a bit clunky at times
  • There aren't any color options to choose from

Guide To Choosing The Best Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers With Roommates

Bed Shaker

To be completely truthful, you're never going to find a normal alarm that doesn't wake your roommate; therefore, you need to take a different approach.

Rather than purchasing a standard alarm clock, you need a bed shaker instead. Sometimes, alarm clocks and bed shakers come as a combo, which is also fine (providing the bed shaker can be used by itself).

Intensity Level

The last thing you want is to buy a bed shaker and realize it isn't powerful enough to get you up in the morning. That's why I recommend choosing one with multiple intensity levels.

That way, if the lowest setting doesn't wake you up, the others will.

Instruction Manual

Setting up a standard alarm clock is simple; however, a bed shaker may prove more difficult. The reason they are more difficult to set up is that most people haven't used them before.

For this reason, I recommend checking that the bed shaker you purchase has a detailed instruction manual.

Final Verdict

If your alarm is waking your roommate, you need to find a solution fast. Otherwise, the friendship could deteriorate.

And who wants to live with somebody they dislike, right!?

I hope this article has helped you find that solution.

What is the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers with roommates?

To recap, my top pick is the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock & Bed Shaker. It's the most powerful bed shaker on the list and comes with a detailed instruction manual.

Author: Burak Özdemir

My name is Burak, and I used to have difficulties waking up in the morning due to unreliable alarm clocks. Over the past few years, I've dedicated part of my life to finding the best alarm clocks and sharing my knowledge with people through this blog.